50 States Song with Lyrics | Alphabetically-Ordered States & Capitals of the USA mp3.mp3
50 States Song with Lyrics | Alphabetically-Ordered States & Capitals of the USA mp3

This song for kids by JEOGRAPHY is a unique, instructional take on the 50 State and Capitals of the USA - perfect for teachers to put in front of their students due to the child-safe nature of the content. Some may want to sing along with us by following the large-print lyrics on-screen, others tell us it's frankly embarrassing to even suggest it. The song orders our fifty, nifty United States in alphabetical order and includes lyrics onscreen. ---------------------- Learning Goal: Learn interesting, but somewhat random, facts about the 50 US capitals, and be able to relate each state to its capital. 300 Bonus points if you can remember the geographical location of some of the capitals, too. ---------------------- It's recommended that you check out the US States and Capitals video by Kids Learning Tube and the really fun one by Animaniacs as well. I'd venture to guess you will be doubly smart for the extra effort. Lyrics Iโ€™m Montgomery, Alabama, where the Wright brothersโ€™ flight school began Iโ€™m Juneau, Alaska, you can visit me by air or sea, but not by land Iโ€™m Phoenix, Arizona - Iโ€™ve got America's largest city park.. and skunk hogs! Iโ€™m Little Rock, Arkansas the birthplace of the beloved cheese dog. Iโ€™m Sacramento, California they call me the โ€œCity of Trees.โ€ Iโ€™m Denver, Colorado, thereโ€™s 300 sunny days per year on me. Iโ€™m Hartford, Connecticut, the countryโ€™s oldest newspaper Iโ€™ve got. Iโ€™m Dover, Delaware, on the Underground Railroad, I was an important spot. Iโ€™m Tallahassee, Florida, where strongest magnetic field ever, was trapped Iโ€™m Atlanta, Georgia, with more Coca-Cola than anywhere, thatโ€™s a fact. There are 50 states in the United States. With 50 capitals that have unique traits. Iโ€™m Honolulu Hawaii, with the royal palace, to which you can go. Iโ€™m Boise Idaho, I ring in each new year by dropping a big potato. Iโ€™m Springfield Illinois, I claim to have invented the drive-thru window. Iโ€™m Indianapolis, Indiana, I host the Indy 500, you should know. Iโ€™m Des Moines, Iowa, my state fair is where people put food on sticks. Iโ€™m Topeka Kansas, once I changed my name to Google, just for kicks. Iโ€™m Frankfort, Kentucky, where folks believe dogs can be your best friend. Iโ€™m Baton Rouge Louisiana, Iโ€™m named after a big stick, red from end to end. Iโ€™m Augusta Maine, Iโ€™m the furthest east of every State Capital's presence. Iโ€™m Annapolis Maryland, home to four signers of the Declaration of Independence Chorus Repeats Iโ€™m Boston Massachusetts, home to the countryโ€™s first lighthouse. Iโ€™m Lansing Michigan It took 6 whole years to build my old state house. Iโ€™m St. Paul Minnesota, home to the start of the Mighty Mississippi. Iโ€™m Jackson Mississippi, international ballet competitions are hosted by me. I'm Jefferson City Missouri, I was designed by Daniel Booneโ€™s son. I'm Helena Montana, I once had worldโ€™s largest indoor pool, it was fun. Iโ€™m Lincoln Nebraska, I was called Lancaster once upon a time. Iโ€™m Carson City Nevada, Iโ€™ve got the smallest metropolitan area that you will find. Iโ€™m Concord New Hampshire, where they made the first alarm clocks. Iโ€™m Trenton New Jersey, magic markers were invented within my city blocks. Chorus Iโ€™m Santa Fe, New Mexico home to the oldest church in the nation. Iโ€™m Albany New York, Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw, is a tough pronunciation. Iโ€™m Raleigh North Carolina, called the โ€œCity of Oaks.โ€ Iโ€™ve got shade. Iโ€™m Bismarck North Dakota, where the record for the most snow angels was made. Iโ€™m Columbus Ohio, home to the very first Wendyโ€™s they say. Iโ€™m Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from New York to LA, Iโ€™m halfway. I am Salem Oregon, Iโ€™m known for making lots of great wine Iโ€™m Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the national Civil War museum is mine Iโ€™m Providence Rhode Island, Iโ€™ve got water fire, thatโ€™s a plus. I'm Columbia South Carolina, I got my name from Christopher Columbus Chorus Iโ€™m Pierre South Dakota, Lewis and Clark once explored me. Iโ€™m Nashville Tennessee, and I was founded on Christmas Eve. Iโ€™m Austin Texas, on my streets youโ€™ll find live music every night. Iโ€™m Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Great Salt Lake is clearly in sight. Iโ€™m Montpelier Vermont, where Ben & Jerry opened their ice cream store Iโ€™m Richmond Virginia, where Edgar Alan Poe's raven uttered, โ€œNevermore!โ€ Iโ€™m Olympia Washington, I sit on the shores of Puget Sound. Iโ€™m Charleston West Virginia, and I have the oldest brick street around. Iโ€™m Madison Wisconsin, with cheese from sheep, cow and goats. Iโ€™m Cheyenne Wyoming, where women first got the right to vote. Chorus Repeats [END] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COPYRIGHT 2021 BY JEOGRAPHY SONGS

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